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The Bookstore

Following is a list of recommended books on East Africa that Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel offers for sale in association with Books. To place an order, click on the highlighted title and follow the instructions. If you have any suggestions on books we should sell here or would like to comment on a book you have just read, drop us an e-mail.

Browse through the one of the following categories! Please note, the list prices are for your reference only and may not accurately reflect the current price of the book. On most items Amazon offers a 20% discount off the list price.

Maps and Guides

Kilimanjaro - Map and Guide
Mark Savage
Highly recommended by the Lonely Planet, the Map and Guide to Kilimanjaro by Mark Savage of Savage Wilderness Safaris provides invaluable information for those interested in climbing this legendary peak. It includes an excellent topographical map (1:50,000) of Kilimanjaro and on the other side details on the various routes, accommodation, equipment, fauna and flora, geology, climate, useful contacts, etc.
Mt Kenya - Map and Guide
Mark Savage and Andrew Wielochowski
Same as above but on Mt Kenya.
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To order either map, please send a check or money order for $15 each (or $18 for international) incl. shipping and handling:
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Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya : A Climbing and Trekking Guide
Cameron M. Burns - Mountaineers Books $18.95
Pre-trip planning, finding and hiring outfitters, and thorough information on dozens of trails are included in this comprehensive guide to the 30 top climbing and trekking routes on Mount Kilimanjaro and her sister peak, Mount Kenya.
Kilimanjaro Adventure
Hal Streckert - Mission Press $15.95 + $2.95
"The gripping story of one family's quest to reach the top of the African continent".This book is a fascinating personal account of climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safari as seen from a unique family perspective. Recommended by Pete Schoening (Himalayan climbing legend), Frank Zane (three time Mr. Olympia), and Wally Schirra (Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Astronaut). Brings mountaineering to life and is full of useful details about the routes, equipment, history, contacts, etc.
To order "Kilimanjaro Adventure" please e-mail
Altitude Illness : Prevention & Treatment
Stephen, M.D. Bezruchka - Mountaineers Books $6.95
How to Stay Healthy at Altitude : From Resort Skiing to Himalayan Climbing.

Lonely Planet Guidebooks

Don't leave home without them! The Lonely Planets are some of the most comprehensive guidebooks out there, and contain everything indepedent travellers need to know. Choose from the following:
The Rough Guide to Kenya
Richard Trillo - Rough Guides $18.95
The 1997 edition marks the 10th anniversary of this guide to Kenya. This 624 page edition features a 16-page color safari guide identifying more than sixty large African mammals. Before you buy, read the following book exerpts from Rough Guide's Web Site: Introduction to Kenya, Women's Travel Experiences in Kenya, Ebola Virus and Kitum Cave, The Tsavo Poaching Wars, Masai Voices, and Cradle of Mankind.
East Africa Handbook
Michael Hodd - Passport Books - $24.95
With Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Field Guides

Whether you can't tell a leopard from a cheetah or want to find out more about the birds and animals you see, these are great books to take with you on safari.

Mammals of Africa including Madagascar - Collins Field Guide Series
T. Haltenorth, H. Diller - Harper Collins $22.00
"The most comprehensive identification guide to the mammals of Africa". Includes 63 illustrated color plates.
The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals
Richard Despard Estes - Chelsea Green Pub $25
The first comprehensive guide to watching and understanding the behaviors of African wildlife. Designed to be carried along on a wildlife-viewing safari, the guide allows even a novice wildlife observer to understand the behavior of nearly one hundred large mammals, from antelopes, hippos and elephants to lions, monkeys and gorillas. 100 illustrations.
Birds of East Africa - Collins Field Guide Series
John G.Williams, Norman Arlott - Harper Collins $26
Comprehensive guide to Birds of East Africa with descriptions of over1,283 species. Over 650 species are illustrated in color and every species has a description of the features needed to identify it positively in the wild, with details of plumage, size, voice, flight, habitat and distribution.
National Parks of East Africa - Collins Field Guide Series
John G.Williams - Harper Collins $22
Includes descriptions of all the National Parks and Reserves in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as illustrations of the mammals and birds you are most likely to see there.

True Stories out of Africa

Facing Mount Kenya - The Tribal Life of the Kikuyu
Jomo Kenyatta - Random House $9.00
Jomo Kenyatta, the grandson of a Kikuyu medecine man, was amongst the foremost leaders of African nationalism and one of the great men of the modern world. His book is a central document of the highest distinction in Anthropology litterature, and an invaluable key to the structure of African society and the nature of the African mind.
Out of Africa
Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) - Vintage Books $13.00
"I had a farm in Africa..." A reissue of the book that inspired the critically acclaimed movie version. Set in Africa, it is the story of Dinesen's years in Africa--together with Shadows on the Grass.
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo
J.H. Patterson - Pocket Books $6.99
You have seen "The Ghost and the Darkness", now get the facts! Dive into one of the most harrowing episodes of man versus beast ever told. From the pen of the intrepid officer who risked his life many times, The Man-Eaters of Tsavo is a terrifying true-life tale in which men become the hunted.
Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds
Joy Adamson - Random House $15.00
Joy Adamson tells the extraordinary story of how she and her husband were able to rear an orphaned lion cub--not for a life of captivity, but, rather, for one of freedom and independence between two radically different worlds. 114 black-and-white photographs.
Woman in the Mists
Farley Mowat - Warner Books $11.99
The Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa - The first full-length portrait of Dian Fossey--the world-famous scientist and author of Gorillas in the Mist whose lonely crusade to save the mountain gorillas of Africa ended with her murder in December 1985.


African Silences
Peter Matthiessen - Vintage Books $12.00
African Silences is a powerful and sobering account of the cataclysmic depredation of the African Landscape and its wildlife. Through Matthiessen's eyes we see elephants, white rhinos, gorillas, and other endangered creatures in the of the wild, and share his hazardous crossing of the continent in a light plane. " our greatest modern nature writer in the lyrical tradition" (New York Times Book Review).
North of South : An African Journey
Shiva Naipaul - Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics $12.95
"Naipaul's trip to Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia in the late 1970's is recounted with a novelist's eye for amusing detail and a serious journalist's ability to discuss government policies and their social ramifications."..."Read it and understand Africa!" (Readers)
The Ukimwi Road - From Kenya to Zimbabwe
Dervla Murphy - Penguin USA $13.95
A riveting account of renowned traveler Dervla Murphy's most intrepid journey: 3,000 miles by bicycle through the heart of sub-saharan Africa.
The Ponds of Kalambayi - An African Sojourn
Mike Tidwell - Lyons & Burford $16.95
Tidwell had no clue what awaited him when he headed off to the remote corners of Zaire, as a fresh-faced Peace Corps volunteer. His task was help the local people raise tilapia fish in ponds they would dig themselves. By turns hilarious and wrenching this is a masterful account of culture clash, generosity of spirit and grit.

Field Studies

Gorillas in the Mist
Dian Fossey - Houghton Mifflin $10.95
The book that inspired the critically acclaimed movie. An enthralling testament to one of the longest field studies of primates, covering fifteen years in the lives of four gorilla families in Central Africa. Photos.
Gorilla: Struggle for Survival in the Virungas
George B. Schaller, Michael Nichols - Aperture $24.95
In beautiful yet eerily disturbing color photographs, the "Indiana Jones" of photography records the struggle for survival of the gorillas of the Virunga Mountains, the land they inhabit, and the Rwandan people whose destiny they share. Gorilla is a beautiful book, and a resounding testament to the need to save them from extinction.
In the Shadow of Man
Jane Goodall - Houghton Mifflin $14.95
Goodall's classic account of primate behavior combines a landmark scientific study with a fascinating adventure story of a determined young woman's struggle in Africa to approach chimpanzees in the wild as no one had ever done before.
Into Africa
Craig Packer - University of Chicago Press $14.95
"Craig Packer not only celebrates the lions, chimps and other animals he has studied in East Africa, but also provides a meticulous and fascinating tour to that field work, describing in absorbing detail the spirit and substance of how wildlife research is actually done." George B. Schaller
The Serengeti Lion - A study of Predator-Prey Relationship
George B. Schaller - University of Chicago Press $30.75
"Based on years on field observation, it is the most comprehensive scientific study yet published on the behavior of free-living lions. The book conveys not only the fascination of its particular study of lion behavior, but the drama, wonder and beauty of the intimate interdependance of all living things" (Saturday Review)


The Famished Road
Ben Okri - Anchor Books $12.95
"A mesmerizing vision of modern Nigeria seen through the eyes of a peculiary sentient child...The Famished Road is the quintessential African novel" (Philadelphia Enquirer). Winner of the 1991 Booker Prize
Songs of Enchantment
Ben Okri - Anchor Books $12.00
In this remarkable sequel to The Famished Road, Okri continues the story of the spirit-child who is a reluctant but keen observer of his family's turmoil and the political convulsions of a struggling new Africa. Through his shimmering consciousness and hallucinatory visions, the boy finds the strength to survive.
Crossing the River
Caryl Phillips - Vintage Books $12.00
It begins in a year of failing crops and desperate foolishness, which forces a father to sell his three children into slavery, and then follows these accross the river that seperates continents and centuries.
Cry, the Beloved Country
Alan Paton - Scribner $12.00
Paton's deeply moving story of Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son Absalom, set against the backdrop of a land and people riven by racial inequality and injustice, remains the most famous and important novel in South Africa's history.
A Good Man in Africa
William Boyd - Avon Books $9.00
The first of Boyd's critically acclaimed novels and long out-of-print winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, this is the darkly comic tale of an overweight, oversexed escapee from suburbia and his trials as a representative of Her Britannic Majesty in tropical Kinjanja.
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (and other stories)
Ernest Hemingway - Scribner $9.00
These ten stories are classic Hemingway. Written in the tough, terse prose style that made him one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century and reflecting his obsession with such masculine pursuits as boxing, big-game hunting, and war, they offer powerful portraits of how men confront the fear of death--and the emptiness of their lives.
Michael Crighton - $6.99
"Deep in the heart of the darkest region of the Congo, near the legendary ruins of the Lost City of Zinj, an eight-person field expedition dies mysteriously and brutally in a matter of minutes..." OK, it was a bad movie, but this is a real page turner, in the best Crichton style (Jurassic Park, Rising Sun, Disclosure).

Children's Books

The Leopard Son: A True Story
Jacqueline A. Ball, Kit Carlson - Mc Graw Hill $14.95
Now families can relive the excitement of The Leopard Son, the Discovery Channel's first feature-length film, in a magnificent full-color storybook that captures both the visual splendor and stark reality of this moving documentary.The Leopard Son brilliantly chronicles a leopard cub's journey into young adulthood and his painful coming-of-age in the beautiful but brutal Serengeti. Full-color photos.
The Lion King (Disney Classic Series)
Don Ferguson, Walt Disney - Mouse Works $7.98
This bold and beautiful retelling of the film brings to life all the drama and humor of a wonderful coming-of-age story. Full-color illustrations throughout.
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