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Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel has been chosen by the Kenya Wildlife Service as their official host on the Internet. We are proud to present their 'National Parks & Reserves Tour Planner'. In the following pages, you will find a wealth of information on the Kenya's National Parks and Reserves, to help you plan your safari.

"I am delighted to introduce the Kenya Wildlife Service Tour Planner covering all of Kenya's Parks and Reserves. Those of you who operate here, or specialise in African travel, will be familiar with many of these locations. However, I hope that some of the information, particularly about the lesser known areas, will be of interest.

The Kenya Wildlife Service's role is as diverse as the areas in which we operate. Our Wildlife Conservation programmes are well documented and increasingly successful in terms of saving endangered and threatened species and important habitats.

Our Anti-Poaching Unit, second to none, is well-equipped, trained and experienced. As well as safeguarding the Parks and Reserves, our goal is to reopen and protect traditional migration corridors which have been used for centuries by the wildlife of East Africa.

In Nairobi National Park, we have the single largest breeding population of indigenous black rhino (63 at the last count), with another population of 60 in the Aberdare Ranges.

Rare and fascinating species abound here in Kenya. They include the high altitude Bongo, a rare forest antelope to giant Sea Turtles and the unique Dugong, origin of the mermaid legend.

Equally important is the Kenya Wildlife Community Service. We work closely with the people who live alongside the wildlife, balancing socio-economic and cultural needs with the preservation of wildlife and habitat.

We have recently expanded our role in supporting the needs of the travel industry, which brings the visitors to our gates. "Eco" and "recreation" tourism is a growth sector of the industry. Kenya has more to offer than just the "Big Five". Walking, riding, camping, birdwatching, mountain and rock climbing are all available and accessible set against breathtaking and diverse landscapes.

We aim to support your marketing and sales plan by listening to your comments and suggestions, offering you new ideas to tempt your clients, as well as researching and updating facilities and attractions to encourage wider use of the Parks and Reserves.

The following pages have been produced by the K.W.S. Commercial Division as a first step in our travel trade customer service programme. Please let them have your views and suggestions."

Dr. David Western

Mission Statement

We hold in trust, for now and tomorrow, the responsibility for protection and conservation of Kenya's extraordinary natural wealth, as represented by its fauna, flora and natural beauty.

The Kenya Wildlife Service will manage these resources, which are of inestimable economic, socio-cultural, aesthetic and scientific value.

To fulfill this mission, Kenya Wildlife Service will develop the required human resources, achieve financial self-sufficiency and encourage the support and participation of the people of Kenya.


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