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Other Gorilla and Primate Internet Sites

Looking for more information? A number of other organizations and individuals have compiled quite a bit of interesting information about gorillas, chimpanzees, and other primates. The following links take you there -- just remember to come back and see us again when you're through!


The Unofficial Gorilla Home Page at the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom
Mark Scahill's "Unofficial Gorilla Home Page" provides information about his Gorilla Modelling System project and links to other gorilla-related Internet sites.
Information about the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund can be found at two locations:
Gorillas in a Database
This site contains some extremely interesting and very disturbing maps and images of the Virunga Mountain Range of Rwanda, Zaire, and Uganda. The home to half of all remaining mountain gorillas, the Virungas are threatened by severe population encroachment and deforestation -- these maps tell this story vividly.
Save the Mountain Gorillas
Sponsored by Paramount Studios, the producers of the motion picture "Congo", this site contains useful information on the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and many of its associated projects.
The Misty Future of Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas
A shorter version of this article by Doug Fine, which describes the current situation facing the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, appeared in the Washington Post newspaper.
Mountain Gorillas Killed in Uganda, WWF Field Notes, March/April 1995.
An all-too-short account of the mountain gorillas killed in Uganda by poachers earlier this year.
Sea World's Bush Gardens Tampa Bay Gorilla Page
Presents fairly-detailed information about gorillas' traits and habitats.
The Great Ape Project and Book.
Find out about the proposal to provide Great Apes with the same rights accorded to human beings.

Chimpanzees and Primates in General

The International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
Organization dedicated to the protection of primates.
The Jane Goodall Institute
Famous for her work with chimpanzees, this site has all kinds of info on chimps and other primates.
The Bonobo Protection Fund
Closest human relative? The Bonobo shares 98% of its genetic makeup with humans, and displays many of the same traits. Find out more about protecting them at this site.
Primate Information Network at the University of Wisconsin-Madison:
Gopher Site
Access to many scientific and research papers on primates.
Primate talk
Find out how to access "Primate Talk", an email-based discussion forum for primatologists.
Primate Image Resources
Pointers to a number of primate gifs and jpegs.
Pointers to Primate Newsletters
This page points to a number of on-line publications which discuss primates.
NetVet's Electronic Zoo Primate Page
A research-focused site from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
World Wildlife Fund
Not just gorillas or primates, but a great site representative of a worthwhile organization.

Other Strangely-Related Links

The Descent of Man, by Charles Darwin
Good contemplative safari reading. You can download the entire book, published in 1871, at this site.
Tarzan of the Apes, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Part of Project Gutenberg, which aims to make available the world's great books in electronic form, you can read the entire book here.


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