Chances for a New Life
Gorilla Journal - June 2001

Prior to the legal protection of the Kahuzi-Biega Park, the Batwa (Pygmies) lived there and they subsisted on the forest. With the foundation of the national park they had to leave their home and settled east of the park, particularly in the Kabare and Kalehe zones. At the moment, there are about 600 Batwa living in these zones. They do not own land and they are very poor; land ownership is very important for the standard of living in this region. Many Pygmies do not have any alternative to hunting in the park in order to survive.

The improvement of the living conditions of these people is a decisive step in the struggle against the bushmeat trade. Many families would like to practise farming, but they do not have fields. The Kahuzi-Biega Project wants to buy land and put it at the disposal of the pygmies – 200 ha, i.e. roughly 1 ha for every family. As soon as funds are raised, the purchase of the fields shall be started.

Education is one of the prerequisites for the reconstruction of the Congo – but the war has destroyed the schools. We would like to help improve schools in Bukavu. Aimé Jules Murhula from the ICCN/GTZ Kahuzi-Biega Project has sent us a detailed description of the situation at two primary schools. Above all, classrooms need to be built; one of them would cost roughly US$ 5,000.

Who – whether single persons or organizations – wants to improve opportunities for children in the Congo? We would be pleased to send you further detailed information (in French).

Help us to protect the park by making it possible for the local people to lead a better life!

Equipment Deliveries
Gorilla Journal - June 2000

Once again we sent equipment for rangers in December. The storage was re-supplied with 570 kg of material, some of which has already been distributed:

New Requests for Equipment

Donations of money and equipment are very welcome; however, regarding the equipment, certain requirements should be met. If you want to send material to us, we therefore ask you to contact Iris Weiche first:

Tel./Fax: +49-7071-31805

Please send checks to:
Rolf Brunner, Lerchenstr. 5, 45473 Muelheim, Germany

or transfer your donation to the following account:
Account number 353344315
at the Stadtsparkasse Muelheim/Ruhr, Germany, BLZ 362 500 00


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